Smelly Red Jelly

My name is Jeff and I like rap music.

Key! & FKi - FKEYi EP

Somehow I haven’t been paying as much attention to the “new new Atlanta” kids as much as the rest of the #rapinternet internet, but this is pretty dope. FKi has always been under-appreciated and 6 songs is the perfect length for a project in 2014.

Rae Sremmurd - No Type

Looks like these kids might have another hit on their hands. And it’s always nice to hear Mike Will producing actual rap songs.

Rich Kidz - Wanted

Why can’t all rappers be more like the Rich Kidz? This is probably the best song on the EP, but the rest are pretty great as well.

Rich Kidz - Problems

I’ve been revisiting a bunch of songs from¬†A West Side Story¬†lately and there are some absolute bangers on that tape. This is one of them. Dun Deal on the track.

Vince Staples - Blue Suede

New Vince Staples is always a good thing, and the first single off “Hell Can Wait” GOES.

T.I. - No Mediocre/About the Money (feat. Young Thug)

Young Thug on network TV in Princess Leia braids is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Chance The Rapper @ Lollapalooza

Finally got around to watching this a couple of days ago, and it is everything that people have said it is. Chance is a full blown star now and it’s incredible to watch him in his own city. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor.

Kevin Gates & Starlito - Shit Freestyle

If the words above aren’t enough to get you to listen I can’t help you.

Scotty ATL - Pray Alone (feat. Killer Mike & Trouble)

Edited rap songs make me sad, but good rapping more than makes up for it.