Smelly Red Jelly

My name is Jeff and I like rap music.


Rich Gang - “Freestyle” (Cash Money, 2014)

Okay Quan said “I don’t care what them white folks say I just wanna see my little boy go to school, be a man and sign up for college” then Thug said “I ain’t never been in love, I don’t know how pain feels” but keep on talking about what they aren’t talking about.

The entire history of rap music is just one long string of filler bars and hollow boasts interspersed with brief moments of beauty, clarity and depth. That’s how the genre works.


Key! & FKi - FKEYi EP

Somehow I haven’t been paying as much attention to the “new new Atlanta” kids as much as the rest of the #rapinternet internet, but this is pretty dope. FKi has always been under-appreciated and 6 songs is the perfect length for a project in 2014.

Rae Sremmurd - No Type

Looks like these kids might have another hit on their hands. And it’s always nice to hear Mike Will producing actual rap songs.

Rich Kidz - Wanted

Why can’t all rappers be more like the Rich Kidz? This is probably the best song on the EP, but the rest are pretty great as well.

Rich Kidz - Problems

I’ve been revisiting a bunch of songs from A West Side Story lately and there are some absolute bangers on that tape. This is one of them. Dun Deal on the track.

Vince Staples - Blue Suede

New Vince Staples is always a good thing, and the first single off “Hell Can Wait” GOES.

T.I. - No Mediocre/About the Money (feat. Young Thug)

Young Thug on network TV in Princess Leia braids is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Chance The Rapper @ Lollapalooza

Finally got around to watching this a couple of days ago, and it is everything that people have said it is. Chance is a full blown star now and it’s incredible to watch him in his own city. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor.

Kevin Gates & Starlito - Shit Freestyle

If the words above aren’t enough to get you to listen I can’t help you.